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Abruzzo: discover our region and feel part of it


Abruzzo is an easy place to get to, yet in the past it was not a common tourist destination. Today, however, with its reputation as an area which breathes an atmosphere of timelessness and authenticity, it readily attracts visitors with a background of culture and sensitivity to art and nature.

Abruzzo presents a plethora of colours, scents, tastes, enchanting sights, micro-climates, myths and legends, dialects, and customs and traditions.

Abruzzo has ancient villages, ruined towers, and old castles and hermitages clinging to the rocky sides of mountains. The white stone houses, palaces, fountains, portals and altars  found everywhere are what has been left behind by the farming communities of the past and provide evidence of their manifold activities and fine taste.

Abruzzo abounds in locally crafted jewellery made with great virtuosity and exhibiting the personal touch which makes it part of the tradition of family activities which characterises the region.

Abruzzo offers myriad dishes and gastronomic creations infused with the delicious aromas and tastes of fruity condiments, balsamic mountain products and exquisite sweetmeats.